Welcome to K Beard & Associates, LLC

At K Beard & Associates we promote excellence in nursing by providing educational programs that prepare nursing students along a continuum. Whether you are seeking to gain entrance into a nursing program, are preparing for the NCLEX-RN or want to increase your knowledge and earn continuing ed credits in nursing, we are here to meet your educational needs!

We are proud to present New York’s Boot Camp for Nurses

  • We provide a dynamic content based review for the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN) for senior level nursing students and nursing graduates. Click here to register
  • We provide tutoring sessions for math and reading to help students excel on nurse entrance exams. Click here
  • We design tutoring sessions that assist nursing students in achieving content mastery and completing nursing courses successfully. Click here
  • We provide a one day intensive pharmacology update class for nurses who are currently practicing or recent nursing graduates.  

The 2017 schedule 


5 Day NCLEX-RN Review for 2016

Farmingdale College


June 12-16, 2017


January 18-22, 2017  


May date will be posted soon




June 10, 2017

8 am -4 pm






Call 631 254-0721 to register or


fax registration form to

631 254-0768