Boot Camp Tutoring Services

Preparing our Future Nurses

At K Beard & Associates we appreciate the fact that there is so much to learn in nursing but so little time to fully grasp what is being taught. Some students need information reinforced or delivered in a way that's easier to understand.  That's why we offer tutoring programs that address your needs. Our tutoring sessions are designed to focus on what you need to know to demonstrate competence on exams. Our instructors have years of experience in teaching nursing courses and are ready to prepare you for excellence! If you want to improve your test scores and succeed in nursing don't wait any longer!

We currently offer tutoring sessions covering the following subjects:

  1. Anatomy & Physiology

  2. Nursing Fundamentals
  3. Nursing Med/Surg
  4. Nursing Pharmacology
  5. Nursing Pathophysiology

If you want to pass and succeed don't wait any longer! Call us today to schedule a tutoring session at 631 254-0721

The 2017 schedule 


5 Day NCLEX-RN Review for 2016

Farmingdale College


June 12-16, 2017


January 18-22, 2017  


May date will be posted soon




June 10, 2017

8 am -4 pm






Call 631 254-0721 to register or


fax registration form to

631 254-0768